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Tooky Toys

"Tooky Toys" - Wind Up Musical Tumbler - Bear

"Tooky Toys" - Wind Up Musical Tumbler - Bear

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Introducing the Tumbling Musical Bear from Tooky Toy, a charming wooden companion that's as delightful as it is entertaining.

This adorable bear tumble toy is designed to captivate young hearts and minds, making playtime a joyous experience. With a built-in wind-up music box, this bear adds a musical element to the fun. Simply wind the top and set the enchanting Brahms Lullaby in motion, creating a soothing and mesmerizing melody that complements the bears tumbling antics.

Children are naturally drawn to topple toys, and this bear doesn't disappoint. As baby interacts with this playful bear, it wobbles and tumbles, creating endless hours of laughter and exploration. The Tumbling Musical Bear is more than just a toy; its a source of joy and wonder for little ones. With its captivating music and charming design, its the perfect companion for babies and toddlers, offering a world of entertainment and learning in every tumble.

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