Collection: Brightberry

I believe that functional and user-friendly children's tableware can make a big difference in the daily lives of parents and children.

When our daughter was ready for solids, I, like other mums, bought her first tableware. I was surprised to learn that the products on the market lacked functionality and practicality. For example, the baby bowls were difficult to scoop out, had poor suction, were quickly discoloured, couldn't be washed in the dishwasher, were too small to be usable, etc.

As an industrial designer, I understand the importance of functionality in everyday products, and as a mother, I know we parents use kids' tableware multiple times a day. That's why it is essential that it is designed to make mealtimes less messy, is easy to clean and capable of helping children learn to self-feed. It's not enough for a product to look cute; it must also function well. I firmly believe in that, which is why I founded Brightberry.

Inspired by our family life and the success of our first product, we set out to continue designing products that make mealtime easier for parents and children.

Kids love to do things themselves, and our designs make it easier for them to eat independently and with less mess. Imagine the pride and joy you'll feel as you watch your child confidently finish dinner all by themselves.