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Tooky Toys

"Tooky Toys" - Ladybug Memory Game

"Tooky Toys" - Ladybug Memory Game

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The Ladybug Matching Memory Game from Tooky Toys is an engaging and challenging puzzle game that will put your memory skills to the test. This game comes with a wooden puzzle board and 20 wooden ladybugs, all beautifully painted in child-safe, non-toxic paint.

To play the game, choose one of the five double-sided puzzle cards and fit it into place under the top layer of the puzzle board, making sure all the holes are covered by the 20 wooden ladybugs. Each puzzle card features different shapes, animals, and objects to discover and match. The objective of the game is to take turns picking up two ladybugs from the board and revealing the pictures underneath. If the pictures match, the player gets to keep the ladybugs. The game continues until all the matches have been found and all the ladybugs have been claimed. The player with the most ladybugs at the end of the game is the winner. If you want to play more , simply change the puzzle card for another and start up the fun all over again.

This game is great for improving concentration and focus, as well as developing cognitive skills. Each wooden ladybug in the game is made from high-quality timber, finished to the highest quality, and painted with child-safe, non-toxic paint.

The Ladybug Matching Memory Game from Tooky Toys is a durable and fun game that provides hours of entertainment for children while also enhancing their cognitive abilities.

Item size approx. 20cmLx20cmWx2.5cmH. Ladybug approx 3cm diameter x 1.5cm high.

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