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Mama Body Tea

"Mama Body Tea" - Raspberry Leaf Pyramids

"Mama Body Tea" - Raspberry Leaf Pyramids

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Let’s talk about your uterus, Mama.

She’s the kick-arse muscle responsible for overseeing all those contractions. And after the big day she’s bloody tired. Your inner temple will let out a sigh of relief with this supportive blend designed for mamas-to-be who are preparing for birth or mamas recovering from the big day.

Plus, this power-house blend will help bring in your milk supply, minimize post-birth bleeding and cramps, and help your uterus contract back after the big day, proving once again that raspberry leaf is a new mama’s BFF.

Drink me: T3 + T4

*Avoid raspberry leaf in your 1st trimester.

  • Naturopath Formulated
  • 100% Organic + Caffeine Free
  • 20 Pyramid Tea Bags per box.

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