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Tooky Toys

"Tooky Toys" - Block Puzzle - Shapes

"Tooky Toys" - Block Puzzle - Shapes

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The Shapes Block puzzle from Tooky Toy is a great educational tool for children as it helps them learn about shapes and colours in a fun and interactive way.

The puzzle consists of a timber base board with several colour blocks that are made up of complete shapes or fractions of shapes. The shapes include a square, a circle, and a hexagon. Children have to remove the shapes or fractions of shapes from the board and then try to fit them back in their correct places . This activity helps improve their problem-solving skills and shape recognition. Moreover, the chunky pieces of the puzzle can also be used as building blocks, encouraging children to be creative and use their imagination to construct various structures.

The puzzle is made from high-quality wood and the pieces are chunky, making them easy for children to handle. As children play with the puzzle, they will develop their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and shape recognition abilities. The puzzle is painted in bright primary colours that are attractive to children, and the paint used is child-safe and non-toxic.

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